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Iriomote Island in Okinawa Prefecture It is an undersea beauty source that attracts divers from Japan and from the rest of the world. Come and touch the rich coral reefs and full of marine life. But the charm that is considered special of this island is The primeval mangrove and pristine mangrove forests that surround the island Iriomote are also home to a wide variety of rare flora and fauna. And some species are found only on the island. With natural elements such as coral reefs, mangrove forests, beaches, rivers and waterfalls. Making Iriomote a beautiful island There are a variety of natural Complete with lush greenness Which is reflected in the dark green dial of the new model

The first two mechanical watches were inspired by Iriomote Island. Based on Seiko's famous 1968 diver's watch, the first is 300 meters water resistance, operates at 8 beat frequencies with a one-piece molded case. Joint It is built for underwater operation or saturation diving or regular scuba diving, assembled and tuned by skilled watchmakers. And Seiko's skills at the studio in Shizukuichi (Shizukuishi) equipped with an 8L35 automatic movement, which was created especially for use with diving watches
As for the second mechanical watch Continuing the innovative success of the original watch in 1968 with modern innovation. The watch body is equipped with a 6-beat movement and 200 meters water resistance, both of which are limited to 3,000 and 6,000 watches worldwide respectively.


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